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Liquid Cooling or Water Cooling in computers works a lot like the cooling system of a car. Both take advantage of a basic principle of thermodynamics – that heat moves from warmer objects to cooler objects. As the cooler object gets warmer, the warmer object gets cooler. You can experience this principle firsthand by putting your hand flat on a cool spot on your desk for several seconds. When you lift your hand, your palm will be a little cooler, and the spot where your hand was will be a little warmer.

In most PCs, the CPU fans do a pretty good job of keeping electronic components cool. But for people (mostly gamers) who want to use high-end hardware, a simple CPU fan might not have enough power for the job. If a computer generates too much heat, liquid cooling, also known as water cooling, can be a better solution. It might seem a little counterintuitive to put liquids near delicate electronic equipment, but cooling with water is far more efficient than cooling with air.

Water Cooling Computers

We use Genuine Intel liquid cooled thermal solution. All our gaming computers have the option of water cooling / liquid cooling.

Computer components, generate heat as a by-product of moving electrons around. A computer’s microchips are full of electrical transistors, which are basically electrical switches that are either on or off. As transistors change their states between on and off, electricity moves around in the microchip. The more transistors a chip contains and the faster they change states, the hotter the chip gets. Like a car engine, if the chip gets too hot, it will fail.

A Water cooling or Liquid Cooling thermal solution keeps your gaming computer running cooler and quieter at the same time.

The latest Intel liquid CPU cooler enables customers to extract greater performance from Intel processors than ever before with an Intel cooling solution. Sophisticated cooling technology is essential to the proper operation of all modern CPUs. The choice of cooling technology impacts both the performance and the acoustics of a PC. The superior performance of the Intel Thermal Solution makes it the right choice for over-clocking enthusiasts and users of CPU intensive software including applications for digital content creation, CAD, engineering simulation, scientific modeling, financial modeling and PC gaming.  The liquid cooler utilizes zero maintenance sealed loop liquid cooling technology. The liquid cooler’s radiator mounts on the chassis and only the pump and cold plate mount on the CPU, reducing the mass that must be supported by the motherboard. This robust design enables the cooler to meets Intel’s stringent shock/drop testing.

We offer the option of water cooling / liquid cooling on our Gaming computer, The Beast Gaming Computer, Gaming PRO computer and the SLI Gaming Computer. The Gaming Pro Computer is our fastest gaming computer so far with the option of Liquid Cooling.

So, if you are in Australia and want to buy a computer with liquid cooling, then call us today on 1300 89 15 30. We offer Fast and Cheap delivery all over Australia – from Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast to Sydney.

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