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“I have recently had dealings with Brett Payda, owner and operator of Supertech Computers in the selection and building of a personal computer system.

As a consequence of my dealings with Brett, I would thoroughly endorse him, and through him, Supertech Computers, as a recommended source for others wishing to acquire, or have constructed, a personal computer system.

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From the outset, Brett was friendly and easy to deal with. He was prepared to invest time in identifying the primary uses to which my proposed system would be put. He was extremely helpful in providing an overall outline of a proposed system, then gave theoretical and experience-based explanations for his recommendation of different combinations of components and brands of components.

In no way did Brett endeavour to push a particular line, model or brand of equipment. At all times I felt comfortable that he was treating my requirements as an individual order, giving priority to satisfying my system requirements with as good a product as possible within my financial constraints rather than just “putting another system together”.

Brett demonstrated a clear professionalism throughout – professionalism backed up with a high degree of hardware and software knowledge and extensive practical experience. This was carried through into the construction and delivery phases where my system was personally assembled and bench-tested as an individual system, not as a “factory” item, then delivered and set up faultlessly.

I have clear confidence that, given the clear pride that Brett takes in his work, the level of integrity he displayed throughout our dealings, the professional and thoughtful manner in which he went about his business with me, that he and Supertech Computers deserve to have significant commercial success.

I wish Brett well and commend his services to others without reservation.”

Don B

Arundel QLD

“I wish to state that I have never regretted the day that I was referred to Brett Payda of Supertech Computers.

He went to no end of trouble to assess my needs and thereby designing a computer package that suited my requirements.

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I have found:-

His prices ( due to minimal overheads) are far less than his competitors.

He is very accessible and has always supported me with assistance and advice when problems have arisen, &

He is polite, honest, sincere, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a credit to the industry.

As I had no prior computer knowledge, Supertech Computers’ offer of free delivery, set-up & tuition helped me out a lot. I am now able to “surf the net” and keep in constant touch with my friends & families via email.

I very highly recommend Supertech Computers to any individual or organisation who is in the market for a high quality computer system.

Should you require any more information please feel free to contact me.

G. E. Loane

​I was looking to buy a new PC. I knew what I wanted the PC for, but not being very tech minded I wasn’t 100% confident with choosing the right build for my needs. After much research I spoke with Brett at Supertech Computers. I explained what I wanted and knew immediately I was in good hands. Brett gave me clarity in what I needed, but more importantly what I didn’t need.

His personable customer service is first class. He is was both professional and friendly in providing sound advice and delivering a great computer at a fair price.

I have contacted Brett several times more recently and he always answers the phone and can assist me with my queries. It is very reassuring to know there is someone you can call who will provide you with reliable advice and honest answers to any question.

I highly recommend Brett – he’s a nice guy and he builds really excellent computers.

Dale Bajrai – The Beast PC – March 2023

“Hi Brett , hope you are well.

I just wanted to say that I have used the computer a lot to date. I am thoroughly happy with the performance, I bought the pc for gaming and have not yet found a game that challenges the hardware.

There have been no problems at all in fact I am quite impressed with the speed it handles all tasks I perform on it. I can assure you if anyone asks me where to get a decent computer from I will be recommending SuperTech with no reservations. I am also very happy with the service you have provided, and the ease of payment method which is always a bit of a worry when you are spending so much money. I haven’t been on facebook for a while now but when I do I will like your page.

Thankyou again for your excellent and professional service.

Sincerely, Andrew Hardwick

Brought Gaming Pro PC

Salisbury, South Australia

I contacted Supertech Computers via their web site and I received a call from Brett within 10 minutes. He answered all my questions regarding THE BEAST computer system. I ordered the computer at 9 am and it was delivered to me via Fastway Couriers the very next day. Their prices are great and most of all they use all branded parts. Great service too. Also Congratulation on Winning the Q Business awards – 4 times. I will very highly recommend Supertech Computers to all my friends.
Lisa K – Sydney

“Belated reply…been extremely busy. All is exceptionally great with the new Titan desktop and many thanks for the excellent build, fast and painless shipping and well-organized far above average customer service.

The black & red coloring reminds me of the original ‘Batmobile’ of the 60’s TV show, hence its nickname from now on. ‘Holy smokes Batman! This is Supercharged!”

It’s very refreshing and such a pleasant surprise to deal with someone such as yourself that can actually be relied upon to do what they say and establish and maintain the trust a customer needs. Because genuine customer satisfaction is unfortunately not common enough today in the business world.

As mentioned, I’ve already referred you to other computer owners and naturally that will continue as you rightfully deserve.

Couldn’t locate where to submit my own testimonial/reference on your website, so you’re welcome to use this reply if you like.

Until next time, many thanks again Brett, and best to you and yours,

Randon B from Kewarra Beach

“Hi Brett,
It took longer than I thought, ran into a few snags with the move, but I’m finally home.

The computer is fantastic, didn’t have any problems whatsoever setting it up..

The computer is fantastic, didn’t have any problems whatsoever setting it up. Thank you once again for your prompt & friendly service, I will not hesitate recommending your company to anyone that will listen.


Canterbury, NSW
Share Trading PC

“Hey Brett,
After having a bit of a play with the computer, I am very happy with it!!

Great service, I didn’t expect to order it one week and receive it only a few days later the following week and communication was excellent. So thank you very much, I will certainly be recommending your services to others. “

Blaxland, NSW
Gaming Pro PC

“Hi Brett,

Thank you so much to you and the team at Supertech Computers for the excellent customer service. It is truly amazing how quick your turn around is from ordering a computer to receiving the computer as we are in a rural area and also ordered a custom made computer (Ordered 12th March and received 14th March). It has arrived in excellent condition – packaging undamaged.

I have now opened and set up our trading computer. I am blown away at how lightning fast & silent the computer is. I definitely recommend anyone looking for a trading computer to go to Supertech Computers. I have numerous charts & platforms open at the same time and there is no lag time, colour is awesome. As I don’t have a Facebook or any type of account like that, I am happy for you to put my reply on your review page.

I will definitely buy my next computer from you.”

Thanks again,
Trading PC

“Hi Brett, Computer has arrived and is up and running. My son is very impressed with his Year 12 completion present! Thank you again for making this whole process seamless.

I will definitely be recommending Supertech Computers to friends and family.
Only problem for me is his brother now wants one.
Great job.

Regards, John,
Raworth, NSW
Bought “The Beast Pc”

It is great to see a business who obviously has pride in the computers they sell. By this I mean in terms of the computer I purchased, your business obviously values computers that are well assembled with well matched with quality components, not yesteryears/yesterdays throw outs or near out of date software and hardware.

I was in the process of putting together a wish list of items for a computer I was to assemble my self until I saw your advertisement with the major components I wished/wanted and the minor ones exceeding my expectations. I most certainly could not have done better myself.

Thankyou and Well done to all involved!

(Rodney I. , Maryborough, Qld)

It has arrived. Thank you very much for your fast and reliable service, my other computer was from supertech and my next one will be too! ( Rebecca, Rockhampton, Qld, GeForce Gaming PC)

PC arrived on Thursday in good condition. Very pleased with the quick supply and delivery. Over the moon with the product, works brilliantly. Thanks to all involved. Kind regards. Steve P. (SSD GAMING PC – Tamborine Mountain Queensland )

I ordered the Ultimate Gaming PC and it runs beautifully

I placed my order via your site on the Monday

You promised to build and test by Thursday – you did

You promised to dispatch it on Friday – you did

You informed me that it would take two working days to deliver to Melbourne – it did

You kept me informed every step of the way, a first class service.

Best Regards,  Steve (Ivanhoe Victoria )

Hi Brett,
Thank you for the great computer and the excellent service. Received the package with no dramas or damage. Has totally exceeded my expectations. If you could please activate the warranty, that would be great. Thanks again, will recommend you to anyone I know looking at purchasing a new computer or upgrading. Cheers, Ben (i7 Gaming PC, Doonan QLD )

Hi Brett,
I have been meaning to write this for the last week or so.
Just wanted to say how happy I am with my new computer and the way it handles Flight Sim.
I up graded my sim to the latest version of Lockheed Martin P3D and the way the computer handles it is just fantastic.
Ten out of ten my friend.
Rob (Bought THE BEAST, Banksia Beach)

I have purchased a few computers off Brett. There is a reason I return. He is a great person who provides a great service with awesome computers. By supporting this small business I found I get better service, better products and always come away happy.
Brendon (Feb 2016)

I entrusted the services of Brett and this company in regards to a new gaming computer that i needed in a very short space of time. Not only did i get a computer that far exceeded my satisfaction, but i received fantastic customer service, a great price and the computer within a 4 day period. I’ve since had the computer for over a month now and everything has been a delight. I cannot recommend this company enough.
Tate – SSD Gaming PC

Hi Brett,
Just to let you know that the computer arrived on Friday afternoon and the new owner is thrilled. She is finding the speed and graphics on the computer to be awesome.
Thanks for your fantastic service. We are very impressed.


Jenny ( Frenchville, QLD, Bought Gaming Pro PC)

Thank you Brett,
Computer arrived early this morning. It’s absolutely fantastic. Your customer service has been beyond excellent as well.
It’s been a great experience shopping with Supertech. I was recommended your store by my brother and I will now in turn recommend you anyone thinking of buying.
I’ll be sure to send some more business your way.
Everything just seems great.
Thanks again!
Justin (Mortdale – NSW)

I have received The Beast and it’s great, incredible improvement over my old PC. Was wonderful dealing with you, could not be more impressed. Zac – (Townsville – QLD)

Hi Brett,
I just thought I’d write and say we are really enjoying the new computer It has taken a little bit of trial and error to work out what needs to be on the SSD and what doesnt, since we’ve never had one, but now we’re getting the hang of it finally haha.
I don’t actually use facebook, so if there is any other way of recommending you I will, and I may just end up getting the other PC for spud soon, since I don’t think he will be happy with the old slow one for long now he has seen this lol.
Thank you again for your time and service, it has been greatly appreciated. Sorry for the slow reply, as I said, we got caught up in learning how to install all our things and I didnt even realize the time had gone by!
Much thanks
Kelly (Dandenong, Vic, Bought Gaming PRO PC)

Hi Brett
Just a quick email to say thank you again for your excellent service.
I have finally fully set up the PC. I did turn it on after you delivered it and had a play with it, but being so time poor, it wasn’t until yesterday and today that I could sit down and perform a clean install of my vital programs and transfer the data across.
Now that I have just this minute completed the entirety of the set up, I must say this PC is a dream to work with. And the monitor set up was an absolute breeze. Not a hint of the issues I have with my old PC.
I can start working properly again on Monday with a brand new PC.
Thanks again for your help, and I will now and in the future be definitely recommending and using you for any new work computers.
Ben W. (Gold Coast, Bought “The Beast”)

Hi Brett ,
I just wanted to get back to you with some feedback about my recent purchase from you. I was extremely impressed with the service I received, from the first phone call where you took the time to determine what processes I needed the pc for (in my case HD video editing) to the time when you personally delivered it to my door on the next evening.
I am really pleased with the performance of the new computer (The Beast) and I cannot believe how it has improved the processing time for my video projects.
I have already begun recommending Supertech Computers to my work colleagues, so hopefully they too will make contact when they are in the market for a new pc.
Fantastic customer service – well done.
Dave L. (Greenbank, QLD)

Dear Brett,
I would like to make a testimonial for your company but not sure if this is the correct way:
I have been so impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of this company. From the advice to the prompt delivery of my special “Beast” The computer is everything I had hoped for. The advice is neutral and coming from someone who obviously knows his trade. My shopping experience was the best it could be and hope that all other companies get to this high standard in the not too distant future.
Janet F. (Warradale, South Australia)

I just want to say thank you for the professional and friendly service i received purchasing my sons computer. I had an awful experience previously with a computer company.
It was wonderful to have such friendly contact on the phone and customer service. I would 100% recommend your service to anyone looking to buy a computer.
I have one happy son.
Ann (Gaming PRO PC, Coorparoo, Brisbane, QLD)

Hi Brett, I am loving the computer. It’s fast and the graphics are impressive. The Microsoft Performance Indicator for this machine is 7.7 with 7.9 being the maximum rating given. I am running WoW on Ultra settings and it’s eating it up.
Sandra (Margate, Brisbane, QLD.) (SSD Gaming PC)

You have the best deals on gaming computers in Australia. I got the GAMING PRO computer from you guys last week. It is the fastest computer I have seen so far. I went to a LAN gaming party over the weekend and we benchmarked every computer there. My new gaming pro pc was the fastest and thanks to liquid cooling it was also the coolest running PC there. This other guy had bought a PC from somewhere in Sydney and he spent $3450. It’s setup is very similar to mine but he did not have liquid cooling. Mine only cost $2767 with the liquid cooling, Windows 7 Pro, 4GB GTX770 upgrade and the case upgrade. A few of my mates want to buy the same gaming computer and I have given them your details.
Ron – Carindale, Brisbane

Hi Supertech,
Extremely happy with THE BEAST and your service is second to none. I am very glad you recommended the Beast to me. At the time of buying it seemed like an over-kill but now 6 months down the track I am appreciating it. It is still running as fast as it did when I received it. Still extremely quite. The liquid cooling sure does make a lot of difference. Next time I want to buy a computer, I will come straight to you. Feel free to put this email up on your web site and to use me as a reference.
Regards, Danielle (Cheltenham – Melbourne, Vic)

The computer is still going strong and running fantastically well! Absolutely stoked with it still. I haven’t found a single game or app that it seems to struggle with yet.
Dan – Blackburn North, Vic
(Bought The Beast )

Hi Brett,
The Beast is running great. I am very happy with it except for the fact that my wife is using it more and more – she prefers The Beast to her PC. Can you please arrange another one for her. Same specs as before with 32GB RAM and the Solid State Drive. We both love how fast and quiet it is. I use it for video editing and it takes me 1/4 the time it use to with my previous PC when it was new. Also very impressed with your service and delivery time – received it within 2 days as you had stated in your email.
Tim G – Melbourne

My PC is running like a dream! It has ample power to crunch through all the photo and video processing I require to keep my website humming along. I’m really happy with the purchase, support, and price, and I wish Supertech’s staff all the best for Xmas and the New Year 🙂

Hi Brett,
just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the service I’ve received from your company. I took possession of my new Ultimate 2 yesterday and am extremely pleased with it so far, it’s running like a dream.
Setting it up was a breeze and within half an hour of opening the box. I had it up and running with a live Linux CD. I was a bit confused at first as the Linux distro wouldn’t recognise my monitor or allow me to change display resolution, and for some odd reason I couldn’t connect to the internet either. I then realised the CD I had was 32 bit, so I tried a 64 bit version and everything instantly worked like a charm.
I thought I’d let you know about this in case you have enquiries from potential customers who wish to run Linux. You can let them know they won’t have any dramas and Linux runs incredible well on this machine.
Thanks again, I’ll be sure to let my friends know that if they are ever looking for a new computer they should get in touch with you because of your prices and high level of customer service.
Mr. Peter H ( Narooma, NSW)

A quick email to say thank you and to let you know how happy I am with the new computer system (my 3rd from you over the past 6 years). The Beast (true to its’ name) is very powerful indeed. I am surprised at how quick Windows loads and how fast all the applications launch. I am surprised (again) as to how quite it is – can’t even hear it running. Once again thank you for all your help over the past years and for the fast and efficient processing of my order.
Jill K. (Broadbeach, QLD)

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your prompt processing of my new computer. Even though I ordered this late afternoon on a public holiday, you were able to get in touch with me, process the payment, make my computer ready for shipping and then have it picked up the next day for delivery to me that same afternoon. A 10 star rating for you and your company and I certainly will be recommending people to go straight to you for future computer purchases. The computer is performing without a hitch and hopefully will for a few more years to come.
It is not often that you receive an email of praise – we are too accustomed to hearing about complaints! This is one of those rare occurrences when you have given me exceptional service and should be acknowledged. I am happy for you to use my email as a customer review recommendation.
Vicki H. (Gold Coast)

Just wanted to let you know I have put the PC I purchased from you through its paces with HD video rendering, running two XBOX media centres at the same time and several programs including two image editing programs. I see why Supertech has named this model “the Beast” because it has coped easily with all I have thrown at it.
Thanks for the excellent product, the quick freight, and your constant follow-up to ensure I was satisfied. Mark V. (Bellmere, QLD)

Just wanted to say everything is working brilliantly. Absolutely no issues at all. If you would like to use me as a reference at any time feel free. I couldn’t be more satisfied with your product, assistance and customer service.
Again Thank you very much – Rob – Hampton Park (Vic)

I have no hesitation to recommend Brett and Supertech Computers. Brett has looked after my Business Computers and my Home PC for about 3 years now. I have always been impressed with his speedy and effective service.
Brett T – Brisbane QLD

I am wrapped with my purchase of a computer on Saturday morning, huge value and I will be making sure I will recommend you to everyone I know.
M. Daniells

I have been meaning to do this for quite sometime now.
I just wish to thank you for your great service and the extra mile you went to help us out after the disastrous flooding we suffered at our garden centre trading Business in Kenmore Qld, back in May 2009. Losing a number of our PCs and server was not the greatest thing to go through.
Your service and speed of getting 4 full systems up and ready to go with such short notice was beyond the call as they say. Considering it was a lucky find via a search that you appeared in, it is always a bit of a challenge using people you do not know or have used before. In this case a Gold Star is in order.
I can say now that we have not had one issue at all with any of your systems and we are now in September 4 months down the track and they have all worked perfectly.
You will come highly recommended if anyone asks me for a contact for PC systems.
Feel free to use this testimony from me if you wish and when I need anymore systems you will be the first contact.
Kindest regards and thanks
Jay Quinn
Hampton Gardens Nursery

Thank you for the exceptional service and great packages that Supertech Computers have provided me. I have no hesitation in recommending Supertech Computers to anyone (even interstate) who want to purchase a computer package that is of the highest quality and also pre-loaded with the programmes / connections to make it simple to connect to the Internet, open the box, connect and start working immediately. Thank you for making it so easy and simple.
Tom (Blakehurst – NSW )

I would like to convey my very best regards to you for an extremely well run business. After finding your site on the net I contacted you with some questions about the system as well as some advice and the response was extremely helpful and polite with no pressure to purchase. The assistance with the delivery was also above expectations and the actual delivery was the next working day. the computer system is just fantastic. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone interested in purchasing a computer system or other equipment. Thankyou very much for your assistance and the very best for the future.
Mr. G. Everett (Gympie – QLD )

Hello – this is just a message to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful customer service you have provided to us. The hardware is first rate and the after sales support second to none. Thank you very much.
Ms. M Reynolds
Charleville, QLD.

Yes we did receive the computer package and everything else. We are very pleased with your prompt reliable service and will have no hesitation using you again for our needs and have already recommended you to our family and friends.
Peter (Palm Beach, QLD)

I am writing to thank you for your prompt and courteous response to my request and subsequent purchase of a computer, it arrived on Tuesday as forecast, I have now installed it and it is working fine, I thank you again for the prompt and courteous service you provided me and I will definitely be recommending your company to all my friends.
Yours faithfully,
N.Harvey. (Noosaville, QLD)

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have done – Lisa and I are very happy with our new computer. We are delighted with our computer – thanks to you. Thanks once again.
Andrew (Gold Coast, QLD)

I received the computer last Friday, thank you. I installed it over the weekend. All up and running with no problems. Excellent system. Keep up the good work.
Thanks again
Regards Leon.

Just wanted to say that im very happy with the computer I got. on the latest Benchmark I did, which was with 3dMark I got 5500 3dmarks, with a light clocking of the radeon’s core and memory…
its excellent!

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