Well, look no further, the best place to buy computer in Brisbane. We have the best range of desktop computers for Gaming, Home, Office, Business, CAD, Photo Editing, Video Editing, School or Professional use. Please scroll down to see a full list of Gaming computers available to buy in Brisbane. We have desktop computers for Gaming, CAD, Home, Office, Business, Share/Forex Trading, Photo Editing, Video Editing and Music Editing. We offer free and fast delivery of our desktop computers to most metro suburbs in Brisbane.

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 Supertech Computers was one of the first online stores to offer liquid cooled computers in Australia. Be it for Gaming, home or office, we have the perfect liquid cooled pc for you.

A liquid cooled pc runs much cooler and quieter. In our tests we have found that a computer with a liquid cooled solution runs about 50% cooler. We offer free and fast delivery of all our liquid cooled computers to Melbourne.

We are a multi Award Winning online computer store based in Brisbane and we supply high quality computers for gaming and general use all over Australia including Melbourne. We use Genuine Intel Liquid Cooling solution that are maintenance free.

Our Gaming Pro and the Ultimate Gaming PCs have liquid cooling as standard.

Liquid Cooled Gaming Computers Melbourne

If you want to buy a liquid cooled gaming computer online in Melbourne, then look no further. We offer the best deals online for you in Melbourne. With over 21 years experience in the PC gaming industry, we have the right gaming PC for you. All our fast gaming computers have the option of being liquid cooled. Get the most out of your gaming experience by upgrading your gaming PC to liquid cooling.

We have many customers in Melbourne who buy liquid cooled gaming computers from us only to re-sell in Melbourne at a much higher price. Now you can buy direct from us and save a few hundred dollars as well. All our desktop computers come with full manufacturer warranty but for your peace of mind you can also get onsite warranty that covers you almost anywhere in Australia – so, if you move from Melbourne to Sydney or Brisbane, the warranty moves with you. With onsite warranty, a qualified technician visits you and fixes any hardware issues at your home or office.

With Supertech Computer it is very easy to buy a liquid cooled gaming PC online today in Melbourne. Simply call us on either 1300 891 530  or  0403 326 639 and we can arrange the perfect water cooled gaming PC to you. We will ship it to you for FREE – and you should receive in within 3 working days in Melbourne.

The latest Intel liquid CPU cooler enables customers to extract greater performance from Intel processors than ever before with an Intel cooling solution. Sophisticated cooling technology is essential to the proper operation of all modern CPUs. The choice of cooling technology impacts both the performance and the acoustics of a PC. The superior performance of the Intel Thermal Solution makes it the right choice for over-clocking enthusiasts and users of CPU intensive software including applications for digital content creation, CAD, engineering simulation, scientific modeling, financial modeling and PC gaming.  The liquid cooler utilizes zero maintenance sealed loop liquid cooling technology. The liquid cooler’s radiator mounts on the chassis and only the pump and cold plate mount on the CPU, reducing the mass that must be supported by the motherboard. This robust design enables the cooler to meets Intel’s stringent shock/drop testing.

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