We have pre built, ready to ship CAD Workstation computers available for you to buy in Melbourne. We are a multi award winning PC shop that have been supplying CAD Workstations in Melbourne, Victoria since 1995. We can also custom build you a desktop CAD Workstation PC to suit your needs and budget.

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A CAD PC is referred to as a CAD Workstation PC, Our CAD computers have the latest Intel i7 or i9 CPU and nVidia Quadro Graphics Cards for maximum productivity. They are an ideal PC for computer aided design – CAD or for Digital Content Creation – DCC.

We provide free and fast delivery of all our CAD computers to most Melbourne Suburbs. Have a look at our CAD below.  Our best selling CAD PC has the latest Core i7 CPU from Intel and is an ideal CAD workstation that has 32GB RAM as standard and can be upgraded to 64GB or 128GB RAM. We also have a CAD PC with the latest Intel i9 24 Core  CPU.  Check out this 24 core CAD pc below. This is our best CAD PC and also our fastest CAD PC available for you to buy in Melbourne. Or, if you want a cheap CAD PC then have a look at our Cheap CAD PC below. This cheap CAD PC is ideal for students


We use nVidia Professional Series, Quadro graphic cards on our CAD Workstations. These include the Quadro T600, T1000, RTX-A2000, RTX A4000 and the RTX A4500. We also have the nVidia Geforce cards as options on all our CAD PCs. These include RTX 3060, RTX 3070, RTX 4070 Ti, RTX 4080 and the super fast RTX 4090.

Supertech Computers has been supplying computers to Melbourne since 1995. We are a multi-award winning company where the term “BUY CAD COMPUTER” means more than just selling a desktop computer. Our pricing is always very competitive but even more important is the quality of our products and our professional service. Let our highly knowledgeable and skilled consultants discuss your computing needs and requirements with you if you want to buy a desktop CAD computer. This CAD PC is ideal for drafting

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buy best CAD PC Melbourne

A good CAD computer tower can make your professional life much easier buy increasing productivity and revenue. Our CAD Computer is fully customisable, just let us know what you want in it and we can arrange it for you. You can upgrade the RAM to 64GB or 128GB, add extra Solid State Drive (SSD), upgrade the graphics card and even add a Blu Ray burner.

At Supertech Computers we take the greatest care in every desktop CAD PC that we build. Our technicians check every detail before any of our CAD computers are sent to Melbourne. All our CAD computers are on the test bench for at-least 48 hours and have to pass a stringent series of tests before they are sent from our warehouse to our shops. Buy a computer from us today and see the great product, service and after-sales service that you get from Supertech Computers. We have a great selection of CAD Computers that are cheap and high quality. Checkout the sale we have on the CAD PC right now – free upgrades – limited offer. Supertech Computers is based in Australia so you get full warranty, service and technical support from staff that are in Australia.

We can even custom build you a CAD computer to suit your budget and requirements. Simply call us on 1300 891 530 or our CAD specialist on 0403 326 639 and we will look after all your CAD PC requirements.

So, if you are in Melbourne and want to buy a high quality CAD computer then call us today. Buying a CAD computer from Supertech Computers is very easy. Simply select the pc that you want, click on CUSTOMISE & BUY, select the options and checkout,  or call us today on 1300 891 530. We have many customers who buy our CAD computers just to re-sell in Melbourne at a higher price. Now you too can buy high quality CAD computers from us and save $$$.

Supertech Computers – your CAD PC online store. Get the right CAD PC today.

Best Computer for Drafting

This desktop workstation is ideal for software such as Ansys Mot-Cad, Altium Designer, ActCAD Software, CMS IntelliCAD, MATLAB, AutoCAD, SkyCiv Structural 3D, 4MCAD, BricsCAD< SilicaCAD, NanoCAD Plus, ProgeCAD, CADMATE, GstarCAD, Catis, ViaCAD, FreeCAD, TurboCAD, Solid Edge, GeoHECRAS, Topsolid, Canvas, SharkCAD OunchCAD and other leading drafting / CAD Application. For a full list of CAD software please visit this site.

Fast CAD PC Melbourne

We supply our fast CAD desktop Workstations to most of Victoria including Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepperton, Wodonga, Warrnambool, Traralgon and Torquay. Our Cad computers are used in the following fields –

Building Design – architecture, construction, MEP engineering, structural engineering

Infrastructure Design – create intelligent 3D models and engineering drawings for land development, transportation, utilities, water and wastewater projects

Manufacturing Design – CAM professionals to machine, fabricate, 3D print, inspect and fabricate better quality parts, faster.

Product Design – used to create consumer products, industrial machinery and building products and equipment.


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