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I have recently had dealings with Brett Payda, owner and operator of Supertech Computers in the selection and building of a personal computer system.

As a consequence of my dealings with Brett, I would thoroughly endorse him, and through him, Supertech Computers, as a recommended source for others wishing to acquire, or have constructed, a personal computer system.

From the outset, Brett was friendly and easy to deal with. He was prepared to invest time in identifying the primary uses to which my proposed system would be put. He was extremely helpful in providing an overall outline of a proposed system, then gave theoretical and experience-based explanations for his recommendation of different combinations of components and brands of components.

In no way did Brett endeavour to push a particular line, model or brand of equipment. At all times I felt comfortable that he was treating my requirements as an individual order, giving priority to satisfying my system requirements with as good a product as possible within my financial constraints rather than just "putting another system together".

Brett demonstrated a clear professionalism throughout - professionalism backed up with a high degree of hardware and software knowledge and extensive practical experience. This was carried through into the construction and delivery phases where my system was personally assembled and bench-tested as an individual system, not as a "factory" item, then delivered and set up faultlessly.

I have clear confidence that, given the clear pride that Brett takes in his work, the level of integrity he displayed throughout our dealings, the professional and thoughtful manner in which he went about his business with me, that he and Supertech Computers deserve to have significant commercial success.

I wish Brett well and commend his services to others without reservation.

Don B

Arundel QLD 4214

18 June 2001







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